December 9, 2019

Vinland Saga Episode 20 English Subbed

Vinland Saga Episode 20 Releasse Date :- December 1, 2019.

Vinland Saga Episode 20 English Subbed


Vinland Saga Episode 20 Review

the whole idea of an advisor in this episode was really interesting because at first it was cool to see our boy orphan have to kind of not be so grumpy and accept help from basically someone who’s saying hey I know how to defeat this giant mammoth because yeah it makes sense for something like ash Ladd to say I know how to defeat him it’s just if you kill the commander the Army’s still gonna kill you so it’s not like he was bluffing I totally bought into that I was like that’s really cool that’s really interesting the whole idea of an advisor makes total sense and then they start with the advising from tour kill to tour Finn in the whole what his father was and what it means to be a warrior like okay more advisor that’s always good and then you get the big dick energy with Knut coming in and advising everyone and it’s like this series and what the characters go through and how they are explored he’ll wasn’t expecting Ash lad to say yeah I killed Ragnar you can kill me if you want or because I see you’re a real leader now you can let me tag along this series just throw so many curveballs and whether you’re watching characters get pummeled to death nearly get pummeled and not even flinching to then just the dialogue between them it’s so goddamn exhilarating I really like seeing the flashback of when tours basically escape the battle fled with his wife and child and started anew because he realized what it meant to be a warrior and that was he didn’t need a sword there was something more beautiful in life than just killing and things like that there’s a set of eyes that something like torkoal never understood and I thought it was quite interesting seeing how heartbroken he was because you know this was his friend this was his family this was something that actually shattered a man who lasts in the face of murder but he was crying like a baby at the loss of someone he deeply cared for so to see how he thought he was like robbers coming in to break into his best friend’s home and then he’s like oh man you’re still alive that’s great it’s torkoal right he wants to party he wants to wake up the leader he wants everyone to feel so damn happy but then the spiraling of just saying hey I’m leaving I don’t have a sword I’m not a warrior anywhere I’m going somewhere far away it was so interesting how we got such a badass moment despite you very little in here what he did yes he was able to stop an act with juice his arm he was able to destroy Torquay with a simple punch but it was really the cold stare looking at someone who was so happy and watching him get progressively more and more confused to the point that he was absolutely filled with rage wanting to take out the man he deeply cared for because traitors if you abandon the village will get killed and then to just see how by the end of the episode he realized that should he have went with tours that day he probably would have known what it is to be a warrior something that he doesn’t understand which is why he ultimately goes with canoe in the end because those said if I her mind him of that it was so interesting to see that dialogue exchange after basically you know Torf and wakes up his arms dagwon he’s in a bad state of course he’s still gonna want to fight but it was so weird but so perfect to have that let’s just have a breather I’m gonna get a chair I’m gonna get a drink you want anything I’m gonna tell you a little story as you kind of recover because he respects the hell of this kid this is his family this is someone he wants to have a little chitchat with before killing him right because he’s someone who has his like code of honor like it’s kind of laughable and we’re just you see all the murder but they have their warrior codes they want to respect that as he kind of gets passed down it was so thrilling and she’s totally gripping to watch that play out and how you know he tells him basically all his vulnerabilities he tells him how he was crying he tells him everything that he knew about tourism then tour fans like I’m not gonna tell you and then he gets so disappointed like a temper tantrum feel like well I told you everything I knew why can’t you tell me I think that was like the perfect way to ease us into this episode because you knew the action was gonna stop unless whorfin or two were killed I didn’t see anyone stopping this unless the prints came in and swung around that big dick energy right so it was nice to see how there is this level of respect I mean he’s lost how many fingers and now he’s lost an eye and he still loves this kid right so it’s understandable that he would take a breather himself let the kid maybe get his arm placed in a somewhat decent position I’m not gonna kick a wounded dog right I’m gonna least let the dog get back up before I kick him again so it totally was in character while also giving us that detail two tours in how he escaped because in episode one we saw him dive into the water or kind of get thrown into the water and then we assumed he eventually got out met up with his family things like that but it was nice to see the little bits of details we hadn’t had filled in yet and why someone like torkoal has been so bound and bent to find what it is that tours have that he’s never had and obviously his son doesn’t know it either because those eyes are very different in the eyes that he stared into so long ago which is what makes that kind of end sequence so fulfilling is that you get the same set of eyes and you have no idea at least from torkoal’s perspective what the hell have these characters seen but you know what as long as he’s not gonna play soft also port the guy for a little bit here it’s just like that’s the type of stuff you love to see and then you get so much action which was actually really interesting I’m like I mention at the beginning of the video I totally believed actually I knew how to defeat Torco I mean this is the guy who literally did so many sneaky and underhanded moves to overcome tours right and yes tours did win but he still had those underhanded measures ready so he could defeat him I honestly expected he had some form of weakness that he didn’t realize and as we see there’s a certain section on his face I should he hit it’s gonna knock him down for at least a brief moment so to speak and it was so scummy but it was so in character for a shot I mean toy one was gonna die he doesn’t give a about honor past honorably dueling something like Ashland everyone else they’ll stab him in the back they’ll cut their legs like he doesn’t care the only thing that matters to him honor wise is his father’s memory and right now this character even if their family is not though his father’s memory I mean in his story he says he tried to kill him right so it totally made sense of like blinding him with the son and then getting that sneak attacking and of course you know Tory kills kind of a lunatic his mens not gonna be like oh yeah our leaders about to get killed or our leader fell we’re just gonna let the kid go no absolutely not and that whole confrontation between just dwarfing looking like he’s gonna get killed toric he’ll lose in his sandy I mean he’s lost an eye I doubt that eyes gonna heal and if it does it’s gonna take a long time and probably the vision isn’t gonna be 20/20 anymore and just watching his like lunatic ragin just how he’s wanting to kill his men but then he’s not wanting to kill him because it’s been sort of makes sense but he has his own code it’s like what would tors do you it’s like this back and forth back and forth conform it was just so weird it was something that you can’t even really compare outside of inland saga because you have such a weird relationship of like family and then you got like your father figure that you don’t love in any way but you’re keeping him alive so you can kill him honorably it’s like the weirdest family dilemma you can possibly imagine as a kid with a broken arm is about to get killed by a bunch of men torkoal sitting down wanting to drink his booze not sure what the hell to do Ashley’s just kind of chill my god damn can we just like you know simmer down a little bit here we got to get back to the prince it’s just this weird ball of like you didn’t know where it was going and they got the directions so well done cutting back and forth and just seeing so much brutality just Ashley I’m meaning to walk with his sword he got torque he’ll blinded and fingerless you got our point orphan just like buried honestly head in the snow is probably the best-case scenario for him in this situation I mean he can’t even use one of his arms and he probably has a few broken ribs and maybe even a broken spine at this point and then that conversation with Knut this man it’s just like the idea that Ragnar got killed and then just the revelation with the priests has shifted this man into a stone-cold badass and Knut has been one of my favorite characters ever since he has been introduced I’ve loved how different he is to every character that we’ve seen in this world if you’re going to be around killers either you are going to be a kill yourself or you’re going to get killed we’ve seen what happened to have pacifist like tours the best warrior in the world and because he valued his son and the people around him he gave up his life for them a king with a gentle heart just I don’t see how he could live in this world it doesn’t mean he couldn’t do decent decisions but there’s no way that he’s not going to get his hands dirty and I was really excited to see where that progression would take and to see him be able to stare down tour kill the Giant the mountain the mammoth it was so like I knew what they were gonna do here I knew he was going to threaten him in some way but I didn’t know had he really shifted so much that he won’t flinch to that and that build up to the punch – then just nothing the men everyone is like holy the balls of Steel on this kid who they were joking like he’s the princess oh they’re gonna make fun of him they’re gonna kill him they were doing all these comments and nothing was flinching him and the biggest man in this area couldn’t even get a flinch out of this guy like it’s so interesting how the dialogue in this series is more exciting than the action more often than not because you have so much things at play where you’re like oh yeah you were my capture I’m gonna get a reward my apologies for bursting your bubble but my father doesn’t give a damn about me however I am gonna go to my father and I’m gonna take back what’s mine it’s like well something like torque oh he loves a good scrap right and if this guy could become King you’ll have all the riches he needs and he’ll get to have that fight it’s just like everything coming together in such a weird dynamic this is the weirdest family I’ve ever seen where you got this like father like figure who’s not a father in any way shape or form but he who kind of looks like a friend of me dynamic with core finanash lab you got uncle and nephew here going on and then you got the new king in charge who’s just swinging the balls of steel around being like everyone come with me it’s like what the hell did we just witness and where can the story of in Lusaka go from here only up honestly and just the idea that everyone’s like the advisors you know they’re kind of tagging along you know I kill most your men but water on the bridge am i right what are we looking at here the idea that a shad was just so like shocked at what he saw his prodigy so when he was like this is gonna be something should I advise him correctly he literally exposed his darkest secret I killed the person you love the most your true father you can kill me or you can let me tag along that was probably the most shocking part of this episode that Ash lad the king of schemers the person who always has something underhanded up his sleeve just exposed all his vulnerabilities and that probably will bite him in the ass at some point but he believes in this kid so much that he’s like you know why what else am I gonna do at this point here’s all my cards that’s what makes it inland saga is so great the animation and the fight between Tori on orphan was great it was brutal it was exhilarating was everything you’d want but every piece of dialogue every pause every breath that these characters took to catch their wind right it was so goddamn great and the past few episodes ever since basically the betrayal started up on Ashland side this story has not slowed down every little set piece every little action every piece of dialogue has built up to a moment where everyone came together and I expected as much after last week I was like there’s gonna be some way that this prince is going to bring this section together and they’re gonna carry on their way I just didn’t know how it would go down but to see someone stand up to the Giant and to see the brutality that led up before them it totally makes sense why you know what this so-called kid this so-called princess is going to lead his new group of men this kid is literally doing everything right and you can no longer even call him a kid you can no longer insult him or berate him because now he seems like a king whether you agreed with what Ashley did or not Ragnar did not deserve to die but you can see the fruits of his labor and why that man had to die for something like this to happen Finland saga is insane with its storytelling the characters across the board are so interesting whether you see brother looking at brother being like he’s so brain-dead now that he can’t even remember who he is because of the frightened scared that he did get from tour kill or you’re watching these intense politics and just family dilemmas play out every little piece about it he’s so goddamn good and I don’t know where the final five episodes want to go but I know it can only get crazier from here especially because they’re no longer like hunting and pursuing one another they’re kind of reluctantly tagging a log and I don’t know the frenemy dynamic just expanded from tour Fionn in Ashland it’s like that entire situation man there’s gonna be some crazy by the time the season wraps up I’m sure I just love how morally complex Finland saga is like every character does shady things or is a bad person with some sort of decent traits where can we go from here only up and the fact that we’ve only continuously gone up since the start of this anime kind of speaks volumes to how good the writing is in this series the production definitely on point I love the speed and power and just how they cut around to all the different characters and the voice acting for Knut man this this dude gives me chills I’m just like yeah you know what whatever you say I’m your follower I was already your follower from sincere introduction just because I thought you were such an interesting character but definitely you would not talk back to this guy anymore especially if you’ve seen him not – the troll giant what the hell did you just do to me and you didn’t even flinch from that fist most people would this episode was badass and exhilarating and all the right notes but what did everyone think for manga readers our enemy originals let me know your thoughts down that comment section.

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