December 11, 2019

The Mandalorian Episode 4 Watch & Review

The release date of The Mandalorian Episode 4 is November 29, 2019.


The Mandalorian Episode 4 Watch

Watch The Mandalorian Episode 4

The Mandalorian Episode 3 Review

There’s a whole bunch of Easter eggs probably one of the best episodes of the season.

we’ll do top 10 and easter eggs as we go along starting with number 10 the title of the episode is the sin it’s a reference to a couple of different storylines during the episode – the Mandalorians sin of initially leaving baby Yoda this helpless creature with the Imperials in exchange for this giant fortune and best car.

it’s also a reference to his sin against the code of the bounty hunters guild when he reneged on that agreement to save baby Yoda later in the episode because now he is the most wanted man in the sector along with baby Yoda think about it.

this way they activated all those tracking bops at the end of the episode it’s only going to get worse for him through the rest of the season while he’s on the run trying to protect baby Yoda but right after they come out of hyperspace baby Yoda jumps out of his bassinet and grabs the ball on top of what looks like the hyperspace Liebherr that’s very similar to the hyperspace lever on the Millennium Falcon just to play with it stick it in his mouth they carry that moment forward when the Mandalorian goes to activate.

the lever later and sees that the ball is still missing reminding him of the kid before he goes back to save him and then again at the end of the episode when they pay it off when he detaches the ball himself and gives it back to baby Yoda to play with number 9 turning over the kid and collecting his fortune so the surface of the planet actually looks really harsh all those red lines give it a very mu stefarr feel like the planet’s surface is very very harsh although I’m pretty sure this is not moved too far the actual.

Mustafar planet is way more red overall in color the look of the kids faces they’re walking through the shipyards and the streets seems like he’s never been around so many people and aliens in a city like this before he’s having this tiny little panic attack while he’s just not sure what to make of everything they passed the same street food vendor cooking salacious crumbs on his spit see way more different classic aliens you see a to elect for the first time that they later reference when they say.

Twi’lek bathhouses when grief Karger is telling him hey let’s go to the spa it’ll be a great time making it sound like it’s more of a brothel than an actual spa there’s an r5 looking droid that’s colored similarly to the r5 droid the Jawas tried to sell to Owen and Beru Lars.

and Luke Skywalker during a new hope that later comes back at the end of the episode when it’s trying to take them to the shipyards before it gets blown up by creep carga things start to turn the minute he sees how the stormtroopers are treating baby Yoda just yanking him around trying to poke him like it’s a piece of meat even the stormtrooper who yells at him for questioning him sounds exactly like the voice of the imperial officer during Return of the Jedi that says you rebel scum.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they actually did try to sample that voice from the original trilogy because they do that a lot with audio Easter eggs and it’s one of the most iconic Imperial lines from that movie that people repeat as dr. Pershing and Werner Herzog’s characters scanned the baby and get really excited they give him his bounty in bests car but when he pulls it out it’s the actual ice cream maker Star Wars Easter Egg from Empire Strikes Back if you didn’t spot it or you’re relatively new to the original trilogy movies when they’re in Cloud City and things start to go crazy you see this character running in the background with what looks like a giant ice cream maker as fans dubbed it people just started calling it.

the Star Wars ice cream maker Jon Favreau brought it back for this series during Empire Strikes Back nobody knew what it was for but on this series Jon Favreau has turned it into sort of a portable lock box for valuables as he starts to question their intentions things start to get ugly Werner Herzog’s character questions his code quote-unquote of honor as a bounty hunter isn’t this against the code of your guild he also reminds him that most of his people the other Mandalorians were killed during the purge implying that he might join them if he doesn’t get out quickly so number 8 the Mandalorian enclave their codes.

his new armor and the cygnets Mandalorians have their own code about right and wrong that’s way more important to them than any local laws or any of the laws of other organizations like the bounty hunters guild this is the way is the line of dialogue that they repeat to each other throughout the episode and then again at the end of the up so this is the way but he gets his shiny new best scar Armour.

so everybody kind of hates him because he looks so awesome now the other Mandalorians are really excited to see what’s going on they’re really curious but also really upset when they see the Imperial cygnets on the bars these bars were stolen during the purge he gets the special new whistling birds weapon for his gauntlet he used a bunch of cool weapons during the episode.

but it’s just guided best guard darts that detonate on impact they show you a ton more flashbacks to the Clone Wars around episode two attack of the clones you finally see the larger battle droids in the Droid gunship flying overhead so it’s just implying that this was happening during the Clone Wars and you finally find out why he hates droids so much in present day because the battle droids killed his parents but number seven when the other Mandalorians get pissed at him for working.

with the Imperials in the idea that they’re just reclaiming best car that was stolen from them during the purge the Mandalorian in the heavy infantrymen armor that starts to fight with him is actually voiced by Jon Favreau himself if you ever watched any of the Clone Wars you probably remember that Jon Favreau played the pre bhisma Mandalorian character one of the most important and powerful Mandalorians around that era his family descended from the very first Mandalorian to become a Jedi.

and that Mandalorian created a dark sabered thousands of years ago many years later after he passed away previz TLAs family stole the dark saber back from the jedi temple and used it as a symbol to rally the Mandalorian clans together after they’d been scattered for years after the great Sith war with the Jedi the dark saber is still around in Star Wars Canon the last time it was seen was on Star Wars.

rebels before the events of a new hope being wielded by Bogut and Crees one of the last known leaders of the Mandalorian people but as they imply several times through the series under imperial rule their people were also purged kind of like the Jedi word during order 66 in the clans have just scattered to the four corners of the galaxy but the Signet that they offer him for his armor is for the mud horn you’re allowed to wear the signet of whatever you defeat in combat on your armor but he forgoes it per.

the terms of their codes of honor because baby Yoda helped him defeat it which they sort of incorporate with his arc during the episode about saving the kid turning the kid over then changing his mind because he my enemy helped me defeated so I’m not allowed to take credit for the Mud Horn, my enemy did not know he was my enemy when he was helping me he’s talking about baby Yoda at.

this point is still his enemy because he was part of the bounty but obviously he changes his mind at the end of the episode / the Mandalorians code of honor number 6 all the other bounty hunters of the guild hate him he almost takes off to the other side of the galaxy just to avoid having to think about what he just did turning the kid over when he gave him the bounty for the Mon Calamari saying.

it’s a nobleman son who skipped bail all I could think about was that Admiral Ackbar son has turned into a criminal but I think this is just some sort of random member of his race some new character I believe that Admiral Ackbar’s son does show up during the new Star Wars trilogy although Admiral Ackbar himself went out in the last movie so during this show he’s technically still an admiral because.

this is right after Return of the Jedi in the New Republic’s fleet they also finally referenced the actual New Republic but mostly the Mandalorian saying that it’s a joke to think that they would care what the Imperials are the remnants of the Empire are doing this far out on a backwater Outer Rim territory it’s funny to think that people hated the Empire because they were so terrible but they also kind of hate.

the New Republic because they think that the government still doesn’t care about them even though it’s a completely different group of people number 5 he decides to rescue baby Yoda so he listens in to Werner Herzog and dr. Pershing talking about the kid after he finds the bassinet in the trash outside the office werner herzog is arguing that he won’t be able to protect the doctor much longer and to hurry up and get his sample and be done with it which we later learn is code for end the kid after you get your sample of his DNA like dr. Pershing says he’d be dead now if it weren’t for me more on that in a second because dr. Pershing survives at the end of the episode so he’s definitely coming back but watching the Mandalorians.

and mow through the storm troopers like a terminator was totally badass one of my favorite sequences through the episode so far it’s like Darth Vader at the end of rogue one you know exactly what’s going to happen he’s just going to mow through all those rebels with his lightsaber him going around room-to-room also kind of reminded me of Star Wars dark forces that old first-person-shooter made in the style of doom or Wolfenstein 3d that was such a great game back in the day in major bonus points for curry use of grappling hook.

he had a lot of really creative take downs during these scenes he’s also been a big fan of his gauntlet flamethrower which he uses to barbecue one of the stormtroopers I think he’s used it in every single episode so far but number four doctor perching in the kid is an imperial interrogation droid in the background just like the one from Star Wars a new hope when Darth Vader was interrogating Leia in her cell.

and just like that scene they zoom in on the needle but you also wonder if he was using this on baby Yoda somehow how do you interrogate a baby that can barely speak or more likely it was there in the background and they were using it for other things on other people dr. purging mistakenly thinks he’s there to get rid of the kid which lets you know that even though he’s working with the Empire on some sinister cloning project he’s not a total monster he cares about the well-being of the kid so maybe he will also turn later in this series and actually try to help the Mandalorian protect baby Yoda but the device that.

he hasn’t hooked into that’s taking samples is probably taking DNA samples for potential future cloning in the episode ends with them implying that he got all the samples that he needed so this cloning project can move forward and it might wind up becoming something bigger during a future season if they don’t shut it down before the season finale maybe dr. Pershing will help out with that but the only way to stop something like that would be to destroy all the samples or destroy all the research that.

they generate from those samples number three was the scene of them activating all those fobs and the Bounty Hunter’s from the guild coming after him again I love the slow scene of the cantina with the Bounty Hunter’s realizing what’s happening oh wait a minute the bounty is back on the scene of him slowly trying to walk out of town kind of looking around noticing that all the other bounty hunters are just waiting to make a move is this great moment of tension they have their big standoff Carl Weathers grief carga calls him.

on the code of the Bounty Hunter’s guilt that he’s violated and just as he’s about to go down all the other Mandalorians jetpack in raining fire on all them so number two Jon Favreau’s Mandalorian infantryman leads the charge is pissed off as he was at the mandalorian for working with the Imperials earlier in the episode their code is higher than any other local law or the bounty hunters guild.

so it doesn’t matter that they’ll have to move their secret base to another planet for their protection this is the way we protect our own so it doesn’t matter what the Mandalorian has done to break the code of the bounty hunters guild or break in any kind of Imperial or local laws.

the Mandalorians will rally to help him no matter what you get a sense for all the different types of technology that they use almost all of them besides the mando himself have jetpacks they sort of pay that off at the end of the episode with the funny moment I got to get myself one of these as Jon Favreau’s Mandalorian jetpacks up alongside his ship salutes him and then goes back down to the planet even though this was a huge scene a huge moment of them all coming together and fighting in a probably.

really expensive to film I’m hoping that we get something even bigger like this later in the season were more Mandalorians rally to help him number one they escaped but grief cargas survives thanks to the best gar bars blocking the blaster shot nice uses the Carbonite freezing device to steam up the cargo hold to get him but because he and the Imperials are still alive Werner Herzog’s character is still alive dr. Pershing is still alive they have the research in the DNA samples from baby Yoda things are only going to get worse through each episode as the Empire tries to get rid of both of them the bounty on them will probably go up.

they’ll become more datoria the sector as other bounty hunters from other planets start to rally to try and take him down but we’re still not even halfway through the season we still need to meet Gina Carano spouting hunter character and we still haven’t met Giancarlo Esposito ‘he’s Imperial moth character yet and he’s even more powerful and seems like he’s tied to Werner Herzog’s character and dr. purging somehow as you would expect he’s also playing a very Gus fring like character on.

the show well let me know if he spotted any big easter eggs in the episode that i didn’t mention in my video obviously my episode 5 video will post next week I’ll do more bonus videos for the mandalorian during this week too.

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