December 11, 2019

The Flash Season 6 Episode 8 Watch & Review

The Release Date of The Flash Season 6 Episode 8 is 3RD DECEMBER 2019 AT 8:00 PM.

The Flash Season 6 Episode 8 Title:- The Last Temptation of Barry Allen, Pt. 2.

The Flash Season 6 Episode 8 Watch

The Flash Season 6 Episode 8

hey guys what is up it has me paid you here once again with another video on the flash season 6 and this is gonna be my trailer breakdown for episode 8 for this season the mid-season finale crazy enough I know we have crisis next week but still the mid-season finale this is otherwise entitled The Last Temptation of Barry Allen part 2 but of course let’s watch that trailer grams he’s spreading his infection if you go out there you could get infected next Tuesday at 8/7 central only on the CW so yeah wow that that episode looks pretty good based off that but of course it is coming off arguably the best what no I don’t think arguable I think it is the best episode of the season and one of the best of the entire flash I think it definitely earns a spot in the top ten I think it was very similar I don’t know if a lot of people are comparing it to this episode but did mention in my review I think it’s very similar to the runaway dinosaur in regards to I guess the purpose of the episode so I think it was really well done and I can’t wait to see how they followed on into this episode part 2 episode 8 I’m incredibly intrigued but of course last episode we saw Barry infected by Ramsey roses contagion jutsu giving a broad blood transfusion to Ralphie ends up getting a bit of the Ramsey Roses or contagion within himself and Ramsey’s able to potentially wreak havoc and get through him this eventually sees Barry pretty much a rebellion against the Speed Force and Ramsey taking full control and Barry officially becoming the negative flash which is pretty insane it’s going to be in to see if that is just just a thing for this episode or if that’s going to lead into some other stuff in the back half of the season because it could lead to something else or it could just be for this episode that’s for us to wait and find out but of course before you break down the trail let’s quickly go over the synopsis or description for this episode as it does give us a bit more of an idea as to what’s going on but of course before that but you should let me know all of your various opinions in the comment section down below throughout the video what you’re looking forward to the most in this episode you only theories as to what could happen or how it ends let me know all of them in the comment section down below and of course if you want to enjoy the video you just excited for this episode want to drop a like in the video to share that excitement and hype with the flash battling bloodwork iris and Cisco fight to help Barry take control before he’s lost to Ramsey’s influence meanwhile the rest of team flash fight to reclaim central city from bloodwork’s growing army but to start off the episode we obviously see central city under Ramsay’s control the infection is definitely spreading rapidly now obviously the best thing to compare this episode to is if you think back to that hospital episode which is episode 3 or 4 I think it was four or three or four whatever was where we had out it was a quick hospital saying but it was still pretty insane where we had basically all the dead patients come back to life through Ramsey’s control imagine that but on a citywide scale throughout Central City it’s gonna be insane to see necessarily how much of a control Ramsey gets on Central City because this is very different to what they did in the comics but I think it’s better and a bit more suitable for TV like in a comic I think it just works the way they did it but in regards to tell you everything that to do in a different way just to make it a bit more I guess threatening and just hype up the scale a bit so I think it’s got to be interesting to see how just all of Central City is just well not all of it but definitely a decent amount of it is just under this blood work control however it is gonna be interesting to see if the people that are infected don’t die because from what we’ve seen previously when Ramsey pretty much takes control over someone they die afterwards like they turn to mush that’s what we saw so I don’t think they’ll let that happen there must be like something that happens where they’re able to stop this from happening but I have to wait and see but we of course do see Barry as the negative flash in their apartment with iris now I wonder what necessarily like if Barry’s out in his own what his purpose is like why does Ramsey send him out or does Barry go and do it himself whereas barrages returning to her familiar spot I’m intrigued to see doors are as important as Ramsey Nate iris or something like that I’m intrigued to see what I do here necessarily with Barry as the negative flash this is he looks so creepy he like he looks really weird like I think he looks creepy ah then it rains and I think it’s the fact that he is like has a mask on it’s almost like a black flash zoom maybe like really evil reverse flash sort of thing it looks super creepy and I wish we actually had maybe in it like two or three episodes with him is negative flash but I understand that like taking your main character out and making them evil and probably like a really small speaking role isn’t the best ideas so it would be cool to see like multiple episodes of him is this negative flash which we could but crisis is coming so that’s highly doubtful but I mean to see what they can do with him in these like you know in a singular episode now we can hear like Cisco sort of talking that are saying oh don’t go out there is you’re gonna get infected what the hell are you doing now it does seem in this episode we’re gonna get a decent sized arson Cisco sort of team up I never said photos they’re like sort of out there trying to I guess get to bury with him what he is now because even though Barry is like under the control of Ramsey there would still be some barrier like within there that’s still reachable in some way shape or form whether it’s like a slither or you know movies with a half and half but just that the negative flash other side has the external control fanned half that’s the best way to put it now we’ve already seen iris and Cisco team up you know throughout this series and they work pretty well together as a pair so I’m I’m excited to see what they do here obviously it’s not it’s probably gonna mean a very comical way it’s probably gonna be in a very serious way but they work well together so let’s look forward to it in regards to other people teaming up together we do see Camilla and I think it’s a seal it looks like I’m the threat I’m guessing Allegra is there as well just because it looks like they’re within the realms of the what do you call it the like the central city citizen or that building in general but yeah so it looks like we’re going it’s like a side story following them and seeing how they might get away from a threat within their building we can see like a guy there so maybe he’s just infected and they’re just running away from him might be a quick side story just to get their point of view I wouldn’t expect too much time with them but who knows now we do see that Joe is trying to get through to Barry now as was sort of alluding to before when we guards to where like Barry was buried he’s like within there I guess the big question is like where that Barry is simply a puppet of blood work or is this version of Barry like sort of under control of what he is doing but he’s just like has like a negative mindset and he always has like the mindset of ramsey is that what’s going on here or maybe it’s a bit of both but because we’re for month we send the past it seems like the people that ramsey and fix almost like a puppet so he can control them when he doesn’t need them anymore he’s supposed to them they sort of just died away and turned to mush so it will be interesting to see if barry has a mindset of his own because if that’s the case then it should be more attainable for like whether it be Joe iris Cisco or someone else to get through to him and try to like snap him out of what he’s doing I’d say he’s maybe a bit of both like maybe if Ramsey wants control he can control him as a puppet but if he just wants him to go off and do his own thing then it’s more Barry under control but who knows now Caitlin and Ralph are elsewhere like does say like like like team flash like fight to reclaim central city obviously that involves everyone outside of iris and Cisco because they focus on Barry so will Wheaton to see what Kaylin and Ralph do or maybe it’s a killer frost and Ralph’s most likely I don’t know try room from said photos of the stuff but I’ll have to wait and see what happens day I’m guessing they’ll just be going around trying to save people you know from what’s going on but yeah once again have to wait and see now obviously last episode we did have that quick sort of scene with Nash wells when he was breaking through that wall now a little video specifically on what he did there in the next couple days because what he did there could actually mean a lot for crisis I know it should be a lot for crisis but what he actually revealed could made much more than people are already thinking so I’m gonna do a video specifically on that trying to break it down as best as I can so keep your eyes out for that but we should get a big same with Nash throughout this episode I think it’s meant to meet maybe like the last scene of the episode that directly leads into crisis whether it be the heat becomes pariah or something along those lines or it just breaks through into the monitors hideout whatever it is interested to see what they do there because the constant debate is banking like since they announced per hour is whether this version of wells becomes pariah or it’s someone else but this episode should tell us you’d have to think hopefully now the word permit image is released for this episode early on a break earlier in the week sorry I think they’re like four or five days ago or something they don’t really reveal too much like it’s just team flash looking upon something almost look like they’re relaxing but also looking upon something happening but as you can see in some of them Barry’s back to normal he’s just normal flash this is definitely towards the end of the episode I’d say the last five maybe ten minutes where they want to extend it to that much but I’d say five minutes maybe they’re looking at something to do with crisis maybe it’s what Nash does in the episode maybe it sets off some alarms or something along those lines I’m intrigued because as we know in crisis like Barry is like I okay it’s starting now it’s not like Barry’s in the midst of it or something and just gets picked up Brandon like he’s doing something else in that episode and then he gets picked up by Harbinger so crisis shouldn’t technically start in regards like Barry knowing that craps going down looking a antimatter way of hitting them or something that shouldn’t happen happen at the in this episode maybe it could be the signal that goes off which Barry then runs after and it’s just Harbor just setting something off to you know lure Barry in that might be what happened is there if anything that might be the bet let’s just go with that that might be what happens it’s Harbinger setting up sort of like a triggering alarm thing to take Barry away from team flash and then that’s what sets up crisis maybe that’s what happens there but also in this episode like we shouldn’t may be expecting not complete setup in regards to the back half of this season there may be just some – seeds planted in regards to the you know what we’re gonna get an episode 10 and beyond like in regards to black hole may be a tease that potentially who the villain could be I don’t know if I’d go that far it depends what if negative flash plays a role in what happens with the back half villain because in the comics negative flash doesn’t just end with negative flash it leads under stuff in the comics and future storylines so wonder if the show will do that as well in this show well the flash this season is really taking from DC rebirth and blood work and the negative flash stuff is from DC rebirth black hole is from DC rebirth so you’d have to think that might go with a DC rebirth inspired villain as well for the back half whether it be directly associated with black hole or just somewhat you know intertwined well somewhat connected so maybe went might get some set up in regards to the back half villain but if anything I just expected a little tease might be a name drop her name drop is probably the biggest thing I would expect maybe we got like instead of like saying the villain and who it could be but um yeah guys thanks. 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