December 10, 2019

Supergirl Season 5 Episode 8 Watch Online

Supergirl Season 5 Episode 8 Title: The Wrath of Rama Khan.

The Release Date of Supergirl Season 5 Episode 8 is December 1, 2019.

Supergirl Season 5 Episode 8 Watch Online

Supergirl Season 5 Episode 7 Review

we’re going to be talking about Super Girl Season 5 we’re gonna be breaking down the trailer for episode 8 this is the midseason finale episode 9 is going to be the crossover episode so Supergirl came out last night we did a review can checked out that should be up right now on the channel so we’re gonna be breaking this new trailer for the mid-season finale in this video okay so the first shot of the trailer we’ve got Supergirl at the de Oh with Alex and they are standing at the balcony they’re talking and Alex is talking about Lena so she says we have to stop at the safety of the world depends on it so I’m presuming they’re talking about Lena because this trailer is predominantly about Lena and so then Kara in reply says to Alex making her sound like a Luthor and then Alex replies maybe it’s because she is one is really all about to go down in this episode obviously you know I think Lena and everyone are eventually going to be fine and it’s just gonna be like this episode moving next few episodes they’re gonna be in a sort of quarrel and you know I think there’ll be sort of questioning how good Lena is or issue at she a villain which she seems like she frickin is from last episode so let’s move on to talk about the next shot so we’ve got Lena she’s looking up it looks like she’s outside however it could be inside her like base I’m not really sure I can’t crack it down but anyway so we got the next shot and there is a plan for something to destroy like these satellite beams and so yeah this is part of the episode and is to do with Q waves as you can see on the top left side of it and it’s related to national city so we have Alex she’s talking to Cara just a different angle from before and then we’ve got a shot inside the de oh and Cara is really surprised like her eyes are like fully open same with Alex in the background and brainy so something has happened with inside the do because actually looking towards like the balcony area and then we move on to the next shot the next shot of the trailer is of this car is crashing and like this is I believe the beam that’s coming down from the sky and the car is exploding essentially okay so we’ve got another angle of the shot from earlier Alex and Cara are arguing about you know is Lena good is Lena not should we trust her bla bla bla I don’t think it’s really trust I think is like is she a villain or not okay so we move on to the next shot we’ve got the return once again of Lex Luthor but this is in present-day this time so drunk riders coming back he is so good as Lex Luthor and I’m really really excited for this and from where he’s actually standing and you know it’s completely all-black it has a few speckles of blue that’s about it you can infer that this is with the monitor because it’s very similar to the appearance of when all of them at the monitor in Elseworlds and you know we know that Lex is coming back for the crossover and this is obviously going to answer it why was he revived the monitor definitely revived him but what was the purpose we’re gonna find that out in this episode so it’s very exciting that Supergirl is finally going to be involved in crisis obviously linked mainly from Lex Luthor and I believe the monitors actually showing up in this episode so that’s a big thing because Supergirl has been really disconnected from crisis unlike arrow and the flash right now so it’s a big thing super excited for the return of Lex Luthor in present day very curious to see why the monitor needs him alive so we go on to the next shot we’ve got Lena so she’s holding her revolver that could have been the revolver that she used to kill Lex I’m not sure but it looks like a new shot so maybe it’s a new gun maybe the same one I don’t know but we’ve got Kara in the next shot looking really distraught once again obviously we left off last episode with Kara being trapped in the fortress of solitude with Lena’s betrayal of her and you know she was engulfed in ice but also engulfed in kryptonite so maybe it’s a link to that I think this is going to be like part of the ramifications of her being completely betrayed by Lena and so yeah you can really see his facial expressions that she is extremely sad and so distraught so she’s in the de oh I’m not sure if she’s like training or anything but something’s happening that is making her upset we’ve got this shot of Lina sort of just looking kind of blank and I think this is just a reaction to something she’s done because she’s doing some very cold-blooded things right now and I think this links to the next shot which is the Kryptonite cannons are armed and this is part of the diagram which it seems like she’s gonna be actually targeting at Cara because in the next shot you can see there is a sort of crosshair pointing at super go in the sky so what is going on here it seems to be like this is actually Lina pointing it because you can see from the next one we’ve got the same screen super goes in the air the I am ray cannons are armed so she’s gonna be firing them at Supergirl and this is Lina actually controlling this from I think it’s in her lab and so yeah she’s a me at Supergirl I’m not really sure as to what she’s trying to do I’m guessing it’s power dampening or it could actually be you know trying to actually kill her but last episode she seemed to be against that but now she’s pointing these sort of kryptonite cannons or ion ray cannons that Supergirl so I don’t know let’s move on to the next shot so the next shot is of Supergirl she’s in the same place it’s in the sky it’s a medium shot on her and she’s talking to Lena somehow and she’s saying Lena don’t do this so yeah for some reason Lena is you know full-on trying to attack her killer whatever she’s trying to do something with very nefarious intent obviously she snapped last episode she revealed all and you know she’s going to use the myriad device in some way or another because she stole that from the fortress so she’s gonna be trying to control people you know turn them into zombies and such and obviously she still got Leviathan on her back and everything like that but she’s also got the threat of Supergirl because what’s she gonna do a super go is she gonna try and kill her like what is her main objective I’m not too clear on that but anyway so we’ve got Lina we’ve got hope and I’m guessing that hope is going to be revealed like pretty soon to the rest of the team that Eve is not there anymore that hope has been taken over and I think that’ll make them snap a bit but also the weird thing is we know from the photos from crisis into Burgos episode in a couple of weeks time for episode 9 we know that Lina is going to be working with Alex in somewhere or another so is it all going to be resolved by then I think that might be a bit rushed but we have to wait and see as to why they’re working together maybe it’s just like they have to do it for the fate of the universe and they’re never gonna work together again or something like that but anyway so let’s move on to the next shot this is a continuation from that shot before with Supergirl flying and hovering in the sky trying not to get shot by Lina and so Lina presses the button and I’m thinking maybe the Kryptonite cannon is actually linked towards you know the myriad device that she’s got maybe she’s trying to send out into space and disperse it all over National City or you know all over the world or wherever they want to do it so maybe it’s Supergirl blocking her from doing that like maybe a shoot right at her if she attempts to do that and maybe this is going to be like a test of their friendship or something like that so I think that is kind of logical that that could happen also the episode title was called the wrath of Rama Khan so he’s gonna be back this episode I thought he was like pretty good last episode I wasn’t too impressed obviously we have the other Leviathan lady and all the other members who are yet to be revealed but you know last episode was very Leviathan heavy so that’s obviously going to be a big focus going into the mid-season finale because you know we’re gonna have crisis go on the break we’ll come back and then I reckon Leviathan is just gonna continue on from there and you will get bigger threats then Rama Kahn who is pretty damn strong however he is obviously not the massive opponent that we’ve been waiting to see all this season long so I think levar it’s going to have a few more tricks up their sleeve towards the end part of the season so that’s about it for this video guys thank you guys so much for watching hopefully you enjoyed it please be sure to leave a like in a comment subscribe and turn on notifications if you are new as we try to reach 100,000 subscribers we’re about 400 subscribers away so share this video around share on social media share it to your friends and also if you got twitter go follow me over there because I’m currently doing a Supergirl giveaway for some Supergirl posters 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