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My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 5 Watch & Review

My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 5 Title: Let’s Go, Gutsy Red Riot. The release date of My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 5 is November 16, 2019.


  • Type: TV
  • Episodes: Unknown
  • Status: Not yet aired
  • Aired: Oct 12, 2019 to ?
  • Premiered: Fall 2019
  • Broadcast: Saturdays at 17:30 (JST)
  • Producers: TOHO animation, Shueisha
  • Licensors: None found, add some
  • Studios: Bones
  • Source: Manga
  • Genres: Action, Comedy, Super Power, School, Shounen
  • Duration: Unknown
  • Rating: PG-13 – Teens 13 or older

My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 5 English Subbed

My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 4 Review

So we just got one of the most defining moments of this arc in the My Hero Academia anime. With the introduction of area as a character in just seeing how is a coup, and toga interacted with Aries slash overhaul, it sets a tone. Just as how we saw what happened in the previous episodes with overhauls. confrontation with the League of villains. This scene sets a tone with ease a coup and the heroes because now for the very first time, he is a who has experienced something that he truly has never experienced. But every hero probably one point of their career as a hero experiences and that is failure. To explain, is a coup and that very moment when he saw Aereo this innocent Young little girl shivering in his arms so close, he could literally grab her and run away with her to get her away from the madman that is overhaul. Even if we don’t understand the story. We definitely know something horrific is happening with her an overhaul. And the point is, is that easy, who saw a little girl terrified, scared, she was someone that obviously was trying to cry out in her own way. She even told he is a coup and toga please do not go, which basically meant that if they go she’s going to be cast in the darkness once more. But in that brief little moment when you see overhaul dragging ease a coup and toga into the alleyway into the darkness. He was about to undo his glove and we already have witnessed firsthand what overhaul is capable of we know that he is capable of basically disintegrating someone into just a bloody mess. We saw it within this episode, but also a few episodes back so we know what he’s capable of. But however, is a coup and Toyota have no idea what He’s capable, they had no idea of the danger that was literally looking them right in the face. And so in that moment when you saw overhaul, undoing his glove and he looks back at the heroes area looks at him and she jumps out of ease and who’s you know, arms and all that and basically gets right in your overhaul. It goes on and she becomes very cooperative and does not argue anymore. And that moment to basically explain those emotions airy, a little girl very young, as we can see, gave up her happiness to save others. She didn’t want the people around her to get injured and so she was willing to sacrifice herself for the others did not potentially die because she knows obviously what overhaul is capable of. So when she jumped away from eco and Toyota, she was basically saving them and honestly she probably did because even though he is who is our MC, you know if things would it proceeded he potentially could have died because once again, heroes always are at a disadvantage. Every villain they go up against for instance, most villains will know important Heroes for instance, when you think of endeavor everybody kind of knows endeavor they know about his, you know, abilities and all their signature attacks etc. So because of this you have it to where, you know, heroes are well known and so villains can cooperate and kind of maneuver make plans to counter said hero. So because of that heroes are always at a disadvantage. Their quirks are exposed to all eyes, everybody can see what they’re capable of. However, villains are on the other side of the spectrum, besides just having, you know, heroes where they have to call to protect people. They also have their information in public. But villains are the opposite. They don’t have to worry about the public, they don’t have to worry about how many lives they need to say they don’t need to worry about property damage, etc. And they don’t have to worry about the record really being exposed because most villains are really not going to have their hand really displayed. And Lester, a very popular villain that everybody knows about, but even if it’s a big villain they’re most likely going to be captured regardless and thrown into prison. So most of the time, any villain that they’re going to encounter, they’re really not going to know what they’re truly capable of what their cork really is. So that leads to a lot of dangerous matchups, basically. And so in that moment between toga and he’s looking at overhaul, they could have died because there was no witnesses, they would have been disintegrated. Nothing would have been left. That is the scary part about that. So yes, it makes sense why they had to back off. However, the point still stances is it was a failure. Because in that moment, he is a kook cannot do the very theme that he’s always wanting to do, save people. He doesn’t. He wasn’t given the option to say there he couldn’t reach out his hand, grab her and run away with her because if he did, the entire operation that night I and everyone else has been setting up would come on done, which is kind of the next point. I want to get into a perfect segue. So to kind of clarify what night I was saying haste makes waste He was pretty much trying to say is at this point in time, nobody here me bubble girl, you know, toga TA and you either have the capabilities of saving that girl and also saving everybody else and you know, basically undermining the consequences getting rid of the consequences. Only person is really capable of something like this. They’ll be someone that is near the top example, all night. So if you’re not sewing on the level of let’s say, a top hero, there’s just no way in that moment, you could have grabbed area and gotten away with the consequences because at that time, you know, they would have probably died to overhaul but also since overhauls not necessarily clarified as a villain in this point in time, even if we know he is he could actually press charges and the entire operation could come on done. So there is a lot of things here so No, no, it’s like nobody’s in a position to just be hasty and go after a villain before we have the official evidence. That’s kind of how real life works. When you think about real life today’s society, you have Where you have undercover cops, etc, they get into an operation with a crime organization and even though they know the criminal operation, what’s going on, etc, they usually don’t instantly turn in the criminal operation email or undercover and they got the evidence is because they try to get as much evidence as possible for they can even get rid of the higher ups get rid of the people that really a part of the entire operation. So basically, here’s a perfect example to kind of summarize in the easiest way possible, let’s say right now, okay, is a coup was to grab Barry. And let’s say that you did grab Barry at somehow in some form or way they found out that area was being mistreated. There could be some way that overhaul could get out of it basically say that everyone that was a part of his group, maybe was villains, but he wasn’t he was completely excluded, and he was not a villain whatsoever, he would get away so the main root of evil the main people on the top would get away. So that is the example here is that there is nothing that they could do. And that’s why some FBI agents are undercover agents have to wait for a very long period of time, even if they discover it right off the bat. Because they want to grab everybody and you want to make sure everybody goes to prison and they don’t get out. So yeah, that’s what night I was obviously trying to express they did not want everything that’s been laid down before them the groundwork to come on done. So let’s talk about the the atmosphere of that scene, especially with overhaul and ease a coup. That scene was very tense, because it really wanted to show the danger that is overall because Overall, we know his ability now we we at least know some of its functionality, we know that he basically can instantly kill someone if he lays his hands on you. So it’s a scary moment, especially in any given moment. Todo could be on the chopping block area could be on the chopping block. And even though we know he is a coup can’t because we know he becomes the greatest hero. It doesn’t necessarily mean so like airy or Tokuda could not die. So that’s a really scary thought. So in any given moment, in the That situation was they could have died because of that moment of how easy interactive and you do really have to enjoy the quit thinking that you know toga came up with basically he didn’t give away sir night eyes name at all to overhaul he was really quick on the uptake and it’s like, okay, we’re just students were just training we don’t really have an agent, like an agency that we’re really a part of right now. We’re just going from agency to agency just getting as much experience as possible pretty much saying that they’re newbie heroes, they don’t really know what they’re doing. And so they weren’t throwing any agency under the bus because example, if he’s a coup and Tokuda, would have given up nine eyes name, then that would have meant that overall would have been able to kind of skirt around night eyes agency and figure out a calendar plan to get rid of them all my officially reveals everything he tells he is a coup. The truth he tells him what he’s been hiding from him since the very beginning. And it really puts the whole all for one versus one for all all mites into perspective. It really gets There’s a whole new layer of meaning that I don’t think anyone at this point in time understood until they watch this episode. And that is the fact that in that fight with all for one versus all my all my truly believed he was going to die. He fought that it was his final moments he was going to have on you know, the end the world like he thought he was dead he legitimately thought that he was going to die but he kept fighting to the bitter end which really just goes to show what type of character all mine is what type of person he is to really look death in the face and not back down whatsoever. He charged all for one thinking he was going to die and he fought to the bitter end because I mean imagine if things would have been a little bit different and all night would have died What if he would have died in those final moments? Imagine everybody’s facing all the one come out on top and killing all my that would have truly been a scary moment. So because of just the context we found out within this episode of adds a layer all I was willing to die He was willing to die because there was nothing else he could do he knew that he kept running to the finish line like he said in this episode he was always going to keep running he was going to be someone that was going to basically lay down the torch to someone else like pass it down to ease of who he already had it writing and he knew once that fight was done it adds another message when he says your next he was basically saying that this is the end for me because now the only thing left is that I’m going to die and so it’s up to easy to basically to carry on the torch because all my it’s pretty much at his end he will die very soon. So it’s just it’s a really sad it’s like really really sad just to find out more meaning to that fight now and what all Mike was really feeling and why he stopped smiling, etc. It really just comes full circle now, but to go a little bit further. Oh my basically says that because of ease a coup and you know him, you know, having this entire change and how he’s been getting better, but also what is it whose mother said trying to make him more Watch over years ago as a teacher. You know all might try and find the will to live basically he’s trying to fight back against his destiny, his fate so to say, and he doesn’t really want to back down to it and it’s honestly inspiring because the entire message of all my the reason why he’s running within this episode to get in shape and healthy again is because he doesn’t want to give up because he doesn’t want to actually die because from what sir night I said is that all night would die a very gruesome brutal death and I can’t imagine how brutal and gruesome and death would be you know it like there’s so many options basically. And obviously there is a lot of animosities and a lot of villains that have things against all might think about this with how many people he’s pulled away, not just people dealing with all for one, but just so many other countless things that’s happened throughout the world. Oh my definitely has a lot of enemies. And because of him being in a weakened state, he’s just right for the picking. Someone could just come up even a week class villain could come up and just in him in an instant, so So it puts him in a lot of danger. He’s definitely not someone that is strong anymore. So him trying to get back in shape is basically him saying I don’t want to lie down and die. I want to fight back. I don’t want what night I said to actually come true. I want to fight back against what is destiny. So it’s a really just amazing moment. It really gives a lot of characterization and development to all mites characters. And I think nobody really probably realized that until this episode of just how much all my it truly has changed inside like he slowly has changed and his actions has been presented. But we just didn’t have the full picture until this episode. And also the reason why he never told is that he was because he didn’t want to shackle he’s a coup to him, which is kind of ironic when you think about the main message that eSports have for a very long time. He always felt like he was bounded by Almighty for instance, he always felt like he was shackled all night and he was pretty much a carbon copy. That’s all he was. He was just a you know, a I’d like to point out because his fighting style to his moves and all that he just basically everything about him pretty much looked like oh my he was just trying to copy him but he was never really his own man. And you’ve seen for all costs it changes a visa whose character he’s trying to unshackle himself from all my shadow and become his own man his own fighting style, his own type of hero etc. He’s made changes and all my didn’t want to have another shackle attached to ease a coup for it’s his burden his death on easy who’s back east who had to protect him etc. He did not want that. It kind of explains a little bit of night eyes mentality now why he acted like he did towards ease a coup, because most likely whatever he saw for the future, even if it is very vague, and he doesn’t have a full picture. It most likely is something that had easy to win it and so he knew who would be easy to successor, which is probably why he was so dead set against easy coup being there part of night eyes agency and why he wanted to come To kind of back down but also why he’s truly trying to push Toyota as all might successor because he just wants to undo the very events that he saw within his vision. So yeah, I mean everything’s kind of coming together now you kind of understand why night I has acted like he does why all mine is acting like he does. Now he is a guy who is really he’s burdened by the fact that his mentor might die in the future but also the fact that you know, is he worthy of picking up the mantle and carrying on the mantle of one for all there’s just a lot of like things that he is and who needs to think about now because it’s deep it’s a lot of stuff. So yeah, that’s pretty much about it though when it comes to this episode of My Hero Academia so let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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