December 9, 2019

Dr. Stone Episode 21 – English Subbed

Dr. Stone Episode 21 Title: Spartan Craft Club.

Dr. Stone Episode 21
Dr. Stone Episode 21 is scheduled to air in Japan on November 22, 2019.

About Dr. Stone

  • MAL ID: 38691
  • Type: TV
  • Episodes: Unknown
  • Status: Currently Airing
  • Aired: Jul 5, 2019 to ?
  • Premiered: Summer 2019
  • Broadcast: Fridays at 22:00 (JST)
  • Producers: Shueisha
  • Licensors: Unknown
  • Studios: TMS Entertainment
  • Source: Manga
  • Genres: Sci-Fi, Adventure, Shounen
  • Duration: 23 min
  • Rating: None

Dr. Stone – Episode 21 – English Subbed

Watch Dr. Stone Episode 21 English Subbed

Dr Stone Episode 20 Review

This is such a good series. I’ve really had a lot of fun and just after this episode. Dr. Stone Episode 21 will be more fun.  It really just reminds me that it’s getting closer.
It’s getting closer and closer to when Dr. stone will be coming to an end when we’ll be seeing the end of the anime and hopefully. I really do hope we get a season two announcements before the final episode of Dr. Stone arrives because I think many consider grooming that this has truly been such a fantastic journey from start to finish.
And even though some might not like the premise of this series, since it’s not like a battle Shonan it really has been a shining gym amongst I say, shown in anime but also weekly shown and jumping Malinga it just it’s truly a good series and I just watched this episode made me feel sad because our journey would sink who and chrome and all that is going to be coming to an end very soon at the very At least for anime watchers, but okay with that out of the way though this episode.
It’s crazy to think just how much progress our characters made. And what chrome did in this episode that honestly, it really just goes to show no matter what you do, no matter how what age of technology it is, or what age if humanity where we’re at, you’ll always have individuals that rise up and seek to create things out of curiosity, and they’ll just come up with a weird idea.
And it turns out to be something incredible. And even if someone’s already thought of it before, to be able to come up with this idea without you know anyone else telling you any details on it. It’s incredible and and what chrome did with our craftsmen was something that honestly, is just mind-blowing, because he theoretically invented light hydro electricity, and he also is one that basically lead the way to a modern civilization to be able to have technology to be able to have let’s say just factories etc, to be able to get products out, you know, if it wasn’t for, let’s say electrical, we wouldn’t have today’s society at all.
Honestly, when you really think about one of the most important aspects of today’s society besides people and the obvious stuff like food, water, etc.
Electricity is extremely important. It really is like, once again, as Dr. Stone tried to kind of tell us a long time ago was that when the day humanity invented the light bulb, the day that we had light for the first time to be able to artificially created not free fire, but free, let’s say a light bulb, you know, it’s the day we conquer the night because if there was one thing that always kind of separated humanity, from being able to conquer the world, was the fact that at nighttime, we had to hide in our houses and just hide from the darkness because anything could be out there that could harm us. And ever since those days, that era of being able to really just conquer the night with light, etc. You know, I guess civilization really has never been the same.
But then you can also say about electricity as well without today’s electricity. We I don’t know how anyone would operate. I mean, think about this every little thing you do at the very least once per day you use something that uses electricity to the computer screen or whatever phone device you’re watching this video currently with, to getting up in the morning to an alarm, you know, turn on your car and go to you know, go drive into school work, etc. You know, everybody uses electricity in some form or fashion, which is interesting. When you think about it without electrical energy, we really would not be the same.
And what chrome did get back into the main point. He’s someone that is pretty much invented something that took so long to get to that point. And he basically laid the way for modern civilization. And it’s crazy honestly, because it’s a major major thing for him to invent something basically like hydro electrical power, it is something that you kind of see in today’s age not as much, but you do see how hydro hydro electrical energy is used. But obviously nuclear power is one of the main aspects of Energy nowadays that we use, but it’s the point.
Now to go a little bit further though, I just want to say that Chrome really just goes to along with the main premise that sink who tried to set up is that if he was to say, die, he would still have someone to replace him there was still be someone out there that could theoretically get to the point where sin who is currently an example, for instance, if let’s say sin, who wasn’t even here, he died. Okay, Chrome would have advanced civilization maybe not as fast as in this anime, but he would have advanced civilization because of how much he loves science.
And eventually, these small little things that build upon each other, what are the Vinci led to where, you know, modern day civilizations at right now. And that’s kind of the main point here is, is no matter what you do, no matter how, you know, you reset humanity, how many times as long as if we have a brain and we have the ability to just be curious and think about things and put things together, you know, humanity will always probably get to the point to where we’re at right now. It might be some slight differences, but overall, it will be Pretty much the same I think at the end and I mean it reminds me a lot honestly and grimly God as well if you’ve ever watched that series I mean it’s a very popular series but guy reminds me of how civilizations always just advancing it’s very quick rapid growth and all that and that’s pretty much what’s happening here.
So um yeah just points to Chrome he did a fantastic job with being able to do something like that because the will to just hydro electrical, it’s not an easy feat by any means. And I think people are really going to under-appreciate just how crazy that really is. And just how that’s really going to help out saying who’s production of making phones making batteries for phones, charging things etc.
Without that electrical current like they had they have a constant energy source now without having to use manpower, they just need to maintain the will make sure it doesn’t rock etc, or storms don’t break it. So dropping that for now let’s talk about the other aspect of this episode, which was cotton candy. It’s honestly just amazing to me how Dr. Stone can really just have something as light hearted as let’s say cotton candy. turn into something that is truly scientific and actually make something many of us that are watching this learn quite a bit.
Because what do you think about the process of making cotton candy? Okay, well, I think even if you don’t truly know how to make it, I think everybody knows that there’s usually a machine that’s kind of twirling constantly and you see how someone sticks like a stick or whatever inside of it and kind of whirls around the stick and you have a cotton candy you can eat I’ve seen it at carnivals when I went there. You know, when I was a kid back in Florida, so I know that how like some of the machines look or how they work. And something as simplistic as that like a little rotating little machine to make cotton candy is something that could actually be used to make something like wire something like gold and wire to be able to use for phones, etc.
It’s kind of incredible, honestly, because it’s ingenious to be able to use something like cotton candy, which could be relatively a fun activity for many and turn it into something that’s very scientific and allows you to progress humanities technology in such a way that honestly you wouldn’t really think About the correlation between cotton candy and gold wire, it’s just mind blowing.
So I do think that Dr. Stone once again just proves just how great of a series It is to be able to do something like that to kind of have something light-hearted and teach you something but also get the science of to as well. And it’s just very crazy to think just how similar sometimes food in science can really be. And as I kind of talked about a long time ago, food kind of is in its own way another extension to science, it’s literally just mixing ingredients together and creating something that really has a chemical reaction of flavors. And when you really think about food it’s kind of like being a scientist I mean yes sir. different names, got chef, etc.
But overall, fundamentally, it’s kind of the same. It’s like you put stuff together trying to figure out reactions of things and that’s what scientists do. And here you go with you know, the whole thing with cotton candy so it makes sense why sin who would also know how to make stuff like this too. S
o um, anyways, dropping that let’s talk about the girl the one that’s been stalking them with Watching them basically giving information over to su casa if anything happens, so the girl that you know was recently introduced that is obviously working for su casa not working for our group, she is just sitting there in the distance seeing what they’re doing, seeing if there is any radical change or movement when it comes to, let’s say, technology and obviously there was a big change and she’s probably going to find out about it. But I do think that the whole situation with the cotton candy scene holds a lot of significance and sink who made a very, I guess, crucial gamble. It was a very big gamble that he made because he knows that when it comes to people from our society, being able to kind of disconnect from it it’s just not something that is relatively easy.
As much as two courses motive seems interesting and all that and people are joining him and what power etc. It really isn’t something that really makes a lot of sense. Because example, if someone was to present you have two different paths, a you can live in the stone world and basically Yeah, you can have a hair on which I know many would choose But you could live in a stone world and you can just have you know, a productive society not really having to worry about much or you can have a society filled with technology fun food etc. I want to be honest with you, I would choose the the world with technology, science etc.
Because I’ll be able to have great food I’d be able to have great fun and just be able to do things that you wouldn’t normally be able to do in a primitive world and I just think that many from the era of the old era that has been you know, D petrified will definitely want to lean towards that and it just kind of crazy that there’s so many that would join su casa but I think more might become turncoats as time goes on.
And I think that the girl that ate the cotton candy in this episode might potentially do that and hear me out. The reason why I think that is because soon as that scene happens soon as she eats cotton candy, you see the where there is a musical cue in the background. It’s very quick. It’s very short, but it really sets a tone and gives us an answer to what was going on with her mind without really even having to have dialogue.
Notice the fact that soon as she ate that cotton candy You heard some form of festival music or a carnival, whatever it may be, you basically heard music that fit the tone with cotton candy. And it seems like maybe there is some form of connection with a festival slash cotton candy to this girl. And if that is the case, it would make sense that if it could spark a memory from the past, she might long for it and what more of it probably a pleasant memory either a family, her brother, a lover etc, or just a good time when she went off to see the world etc.
Whatever it may be, it just seems like the whole cotton candy thing was a link to kind of reawaken something that she forgot about in the past and realize what she’s been missing. And she continues to go down the path with su casa. But that’s just my personal opinion. It just looked like that from the way this episode was trying to present it. So um, anything else left to kind of talk about? Um, honestly, I do not think so. I think I kind of covered everything that needed to be covered. It was an amazing episode. As always, for Dr. Stone. Really, there’s not really any bad episode for the story.

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