January 25, 2020

DanMachi Sword Oratoria Season 2: Release Date and Updates

DanMachi Sword Oratoria Season 2: The side story focuses a lot more on the Loki Familia. It focused on Ais, Riveria. Of course, the occasional Bell and Hestia are popping in and out of the story.

Chances of DanMachi Sword Oratoria Season 2

I think it’s quite interesting at the possibilities of Sword Oratoria Season 2, because now that we have DanMachi Season 2. Of course, we have the movie itself as well.
I think it’s really interesting to just see the possibilities of this because the first season sold reasonably well for each of the volumes, the first week sales were decent.
Between 1300 in the Blu rays, some going a little bit lower, depending on the volume and some going a little bit higher.
Especially for the later volumes and the newer volumes. You can definitely see that the sales definitely did quite well, for a side story.
There is definitely a lot of story material to work with. So of course, there isn’t the sort of excuse of well, they need to catch up.
Even though way back when first season did come out, there probably wasn’t enough to really give a full context of the story.
And a lot of the times studios like to allow the light novels to get a little bit ahead of what they would need.
Just in case they need a little bit of flex room to kind of remove some stuff and add some stuff in. Just rearrange some things.
Especially with season two of the main story, you can definitely see that there is some stuff being moved and changed and cut and even then read both the main story and the side story for Season One.
You can definitely see there was stuff move changed and altered.
So it’s always good to allow a couple of volumes ahead. Just in case of those situations, it’s always best to be safe than sorry.
But that also being said, as much as the Blu rays, and the DVDs sold reasonably well for the side story.
And there is some good merchandise stuff going out there and the light novels and the manga, so extremely well.
Even though the light novel is the main source material for, of course, the series as a whole.
There is a sort of manga version of it, which a lot of people really enjoy both.
So reasonably well, of course, the light novel seems to do substantially better. And that is, of course, because it is the main source material. And the light novel is much further ahead.
The streaming services have been promoting the main story a lot. I think a second season for the side story would be very logical.
I don’t think it would happen in the next year, I think it would happen maybe in two to three years as sort of a break in between a possibility of a season three.
Something the office said was that they really liked the movies and that they would like to do more movies for DanMachi storyline itself.
So I can see a bit of a break in between Season Two and Three of the main story.
If we were to ever get a season three. I believe DanMachi Sword Oratoria Season 2 would be a good break in between.
As long as they stick to the actual light novels itself. And don’t try and add in any unnecessary stuff, which they seem to have done.
I think that would be a really good break. And it would give a little bit of a more different perspective of the world itself.
It gets some fans into the side stories of the light novels. And then, of course, some more fans might end up finding the main story itself.
It ends up sort of helping each other. They just kind of complement each other quite well.
I think the movie as well kinda like how they’ve done now.
If you look at the first season for the main story, we’ve got the first season then we had DanMachi Sword Oratoria for the season one.
Then we’ve had a movie and now we’ve got DanMachi Season 2.
If we were to get a season three of DanMachi, I think a side story and a movie would be a good little break.
It would keep people invested and interested in the world itself while we wait for season three. And that’s why I truly believe that the chances of DanMachi Sword Oratoria Season 2 are extremely high. I just don’t think it will happen straight away. I think we’ll be waiting at least another year.
That it. Thanks for reading. Foxen

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