December 11, 2019

Assassins Pride Episode 8 English Subbed

The Release Date of Assassins Pride Episode 8 is November 28, 2019.


Assassins Pride Episode 8 English Subbed

Assassins Pride – Episode 8 – English Subbed


  • Type: TV
  • Episodes: 12
  • Status: Currently Airing
  • Aired: Oct 10, 2019 to ?
  • Premiered: Fall 2019
  • Broadcast: Thursdays at 23:30 (JST)
  • Licensors: Sentai Filmworks
  • Studio: EMT Squared
  • Source: Light novel
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Duration: Unknown
  • Rating: None

Is Assassins Pride Worth Watching?

What’s this? An action-fantasy-romance series that’s somehow NOT also an isekai in some way? HELL HAS FROZEN OVER! IT’S A MIRACLE! Ladies and gentlemen we are standing before a miracle today! FEELS GOOD! Seriously though, I’m about to explain a bunch of problems I have with this series, but the lack of isekai alone is enough for me to forgive quite a bit… Quite a bit. Assassin’s Pride is a fantasy anime adapted by Studio EMT Squared from the Light Novel of the same name by Kei Amagi. It follows a fantasy universe where noble families gain the use of magic power or more colloquially called “mana” in order to fight various monsters called lycanthropes. I think. I only say “I think” because it makes it sound like we are fighting werewolves. But they look like pumpkin skellingtons, so I don’t know anymore… Our main character is a swordsman named Kufa Vampir, who you know is the lead character because nowadays it’s basically illegal to have a protagonist swordsman without Kirito hair. Kufa is a trained assassin who is assigned to be the tutor of a noble girl named Melida and determine if she has any actual aptitude to use mana at all. Apparently, she is quite a bit behind her peers in manifesting mana, which has lead several prominent members of her family to believe that she might be an illegitimate child. Oooooh Scandalous! And, if that’s the case, then Kufa is supposed to kill her. But we all know that’s not going to happen, mostly because subtlety is not the strong suit of the writers here. Hell, our protagonists name is Vampir and the main monsters are called lycanthropes. But regardless of the fact that Mr. Vampir cares quite a bit about his job, despite that he somewhat despises and pities our heroine, all it takes is one instance when she is in mortal danger for him to decide, “You know what? I’m going to dedicate my life to this girl I just met”. WHAT KIND OF REVERSE STOCKHOLM SYNDROME NONSENSE IS THIS? AND SO not only does he protect her from harm, but he also gives her a potion that implants some of his own mana into her, fixing the problem of her not having any of her own. This is actually a really important moment for our characters. So important, in fact, that the show decides to just gloss over the whole procedure. The actual act of Vampir giving mana to our heroine isn’t explained in any necessary way. He just happened to have a potion on him that would allow for a non-mana user to be able to use mana? You know how mana is the trait that is used to divide even the nobility into casts of importance in this society? Sure, she could have died, but still you’d think that quite a few desperate souls in this world would gladly take that chance, and therefore such a concoction would have been under lock and key? and he just had one? OK, ok, I’ll let it go, I’ll let it go. We are just scratching the surface here on where my problems lie with this story. Thankfully though, most of them fall under one particular issue: There has been, at least so far, virtually no world building beyond vague mentions of things and it’s hard to take this fantasy world seriously when the show doesn’t either. So, there has a decent amount of screen time at the top of episode one showcasing the world that our characters live in. Because it’s a glass chandelier-type place but, as of yet, the circumstances surrounding this haven’t been explained or even proven to be necessary to the plot. This whole thing could take place in any city on Earth and it wouldn’t make a lick of difference. Also, the nobility are shown to have magic powers and apparently that’s to hunt lycanthropes, but already in just the first three episodes we see a possible instance when a noble hired a powerful lycanthrope to do a bit of political manoeuvring, which makes trying to sell me on this big adversarial position between the two that much harder. Can’t really make me believe that everyone hates and fears the lycanthropes if there’s some that use them for their own political gain. The act of even being able to use them political gain, means quite a bit. Because obviously then, there’s a point high enough in the noble ranks where lycanthropes aren’t really that much of a threat. If so, why the hell does being able to use mana and fight them matter all that much? It’d be cool, sure, but enough to kill a family member because she can’t perform? Huh. Perhaps these are just remnants of their society that the powerful nobles have left alone for tradition’s sake, or to give themselves power over those less noble of birth then they. The whole tournament section part of the story gave off Cross Ange vibe that would explain quite a few things. I’d elaborate on that reference, but the last time I talked about Cross Ange on this channel the video got banned, so let’s avoid that, shall we? Really, with not being all that impressed with what the show has done so far, and having very little idea where it’s actually going with its narrative, I almost struggle to figure out what watch value the show has for most people. But then, like our protagonist being a vampire, it’s not all that hard to determine. If you like the idea of sudden romance for romance’s sake, then there’s quite a bit here between our main leads that might interest you. Melida has had quite a lot of strife in her life – from lycanthropes, other nobles, and even her own family – so seeing her overcome that might be worth the price of admission. With her mentor Vampir being a bit of an overpowered badass though, I kind of hope she’s given some space to breathe and that Vampir takes more of a stance of wanting to nurture her powers and abilities rather than steal the spotlight out from under her. Otherwise, what I already find to be repetitive and predictable will become even more so. So do I recommend it? Not really. There’s too much here that just makes me feel like the Light Novel might have had a better time at explaining a bunch about how thid world works, while the anime seems to be more for those that either already know the backstory or don’t care about it that much. The action scenes are quite well done, but not enough to base my entire recommendation on. If the idea of a young girl fighting against pretty much everyone in her life to try and find some sort of meaning intrigues you, then give it a few episodes. Otherwise, you might be better off just to pass on it. Thanks for joining me in this quick discussion. There will be streaming links in the description should you require them, as per usual. Let me know down in the comments what you are watching this season. And perhaos if there is time we will be making a video on that hopefully in the future. and until next time – ladies, gentlemen, and others – watch more anime…and stay frosty.

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